This week: surprising nude breakups, almost-ruined childhoods and a film that celebrates a candlelit Morley's πŸ—
A feature review of Oscar-nomiated 'Close' and how Hitchcock worked around the 3-second kiss ban to film one of the longest kisses in cinema πŸ’‹

February 2023

This week: The BAFTAs and diversity, three brand new trailers and Hugh Jackman's intense Wolverine ritual...
Brendan Fraser makes the comeback of a lifetime in this week's feature review.

January 2023

This week, Oscar-nom-news and early drawings of Buzz Lightyear, or rather "Lunar Larry" πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€
This week, toontastic facts, two surreal trailers and why Noah Baumbach's latest film falls flat.

December 2022

This week: SP turns 2! A rundown of the best films featured in SP and a special film fact to tribute a certain someone.
This week, a scathing review of Will Smith's latest drama, 3 trailers and... can we ask for a favour?
This week, we've got three new trailers, a lot of news and a whole lot of blood! 🩸

November 2022

This week, an unlikely face appears in Indiana Jones and a change to SP's schedule puts Jennifer Lawrence in the spotlight.
This week, the Japanese actor that turned down the role of Obi-Wan and a rare 5* review.

October 2022

Ever wondered what film has the most swear words? Or which actor has sworn the most in their career? Find out in this week's SP.